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Paul Clue
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Ask any modern woman what she can bring to the table in a relationship, and you will find that she has a difficult time thinking of anything legit. She might say something like “I am the table” or “I bring me to the table.” The main reason for this lack of a legitimate answer has to do with modernized feminine sentiments. Modern-day feminism has made it taboo for a woman to consider skills such as cooking as something valuable to bring to a relationship with a man.

There are things that both sexes can do equally. In terms of a…

Getting a high-quality liberal arts education from Bard College changed my life

Photo courtesy of the author

I’ll never forget the moment when I knew that the 13 years I was spending in prison would not go to waste.

I was in for sure.

Max Kenner was a student at Bard College, a private liberal arts college in New York when he began the work that would lead to the founding of the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) in 1999. BPI now operates in prisons throughout the state, offering associate and bachelor’s degrees to their populations.

Every year, hundreds of inmates in the facilities where BPI functions apply for admission. Part of the process includes writing a two-page…

Paul Clue

I love to ponder and write about the human experience…oh and tech.

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